Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Pardada Pardadi Educational Society! This is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to take a gap year between university and entering the job force. This is also the right place for professionals looking to give back to the community or retired individuals wishing to continue experiencing life to the fullest.

PPES is looking for people with skills that contribute to the PPES mission, and if you feel that you have a specific skill set or project idea that would benefit PPES, please contact us (‘contact us’ should lead to the contact us footer). In addition to teaching English or working with the medical side of the school / the Livelihoods Division, volunteers with appropriate skills are encouraged to work on projects appropriate to PPES.

The organisation prefers volunteers who are able to stay for a minimum of six months, with the option to extend for one year or longer after a review. Well-designed, short-term project proposals will also be considered for three-month assignments.

The Pardada Pardadi Educational Society has benefited from the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteers from the India, USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc.


This opportunity is ideal for Former Peace Corps volunteers (RPCVs) or individuals with TEFL/ EFL certification or social work experience. Specialised skills, including a post-secondary degree in education, teaching or teacher-training experience, school administration/management experience, IT experience, public relations experience, or development program management are desirable.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Teaching English language courses to primary and secondary students.
  2. The curriculum to be followed should be the one designed in the English Lab
  3. Establishing a monitoring plan for class programs and progress, classroom growth, and student development.
  4. Providing tailored curricula for special-needs students.
  5. Regularly interacting with parents and community members.
  6. Leading by example through active participation in school and community activities.

Skills and Competences

  1. Experience working with and supervising children.
  2. Good interpersonal and communication skills are essential, including in cross-cultural and diverse contexts.
  3. Fluency in English (written and spoken) is essential. Hindi is an asset. Commitment to learning basic Hindi prior to departure desired (the people from Anupshahar often don’t speak English at all or very little).
  4. Post-secondary certification, diploma, or degree. TEFL/TESL certification is an asset. An acceptable combination of education and experience will be considered.
  5. General knowledge of gender and diversity issues, children’s rights and protection issues, and Uttar Pradesh educational context.
  6. At least six months of experience living or working abroad.
  7. Hard-working, flexible, and open to diverse experiences.
  8. Ability to lead and work effectively with others to achieve results.
  9. Commitment to building and developing the volunteer program.
  10. Ability to live in rural, remote areas and hardship contexts.
  11. Preparation of personal and professional life to make a commitment to serve abroad for the full term of the service you pledge to PPES.


This opportunity is ideal for CNAs, RNs, EMTs, PAs, NPs, and MDs. If a specialized degree is not present, the volunteer is expected to take a basic first aid and/or basic life-saving class before they reach the school. Other appropriate mixes of education and experience will be considered. The health volunteer should be committed to spending a minimum of three months at the school. Six month assignments are ideal and subject to review with the option to extend for one year or longer.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Have a physical presence in the nurse’s office and follow up with serious illnesses and/or injuries. It is NOT expected to physically treat these girls, rather follow up to make sure students heal correctly and no signs of infection are present.
  2. Network and establish a presence with the school’s local association of health professionals.
  3. Adapt the school’s current adolescent growth & development and health & hygiene curricula to fit current school needs.
  4. Identifying other health needs within the school and take initiative to address them.

Skills and Competences

  1. Post-secondary degree OR experience in the medical field (CNA, EMT, etc. other mixes of education, interest, and experience will be considered).
  2. Basic knowledge and interest in first aid and hygiene.
  3. Fluency in English is essential; volunteers should also be committed to learning basic medical terminology in Hindi (vocabulary list will be provided).
  4. Hard-working, flexible, and able to independently achieve results without direct supervision.
  5. Commitment to building and developing the health program.
  6. Ability to live in a rural, remote areas with many hardships.
  7. Commitment to serve abroad for the full term of the service you pledge to PPES.


Every year many PPES graduates go on to enroll in undergraduate or career led further education courses in varied disciplines. PPES is always on a lookout for professionals and academicians who would like to act as mentors for these girls and guide them through their further studies journey.

Mentors are required to talk to the girl they are mentoring at least once a month and send in an annual report at the end of the girl’s academic year.


If you are interested to contribute to our cause by becoming a volunteer for anything other than the above mentioned opportunities, please get in touch on the below contact details.


Whether it’s throwing a bake sale, petitioning an organisation you are part of, or raising awareness on the internet, we appreciate any efforts to spread the Pardada Pardadi name and the work that we do.


If you can offer to provide PPES with expert guidance on subjects such as marketing, advertising, designing, maintenance, and human resources, all help is greatly appreciated and received.


If you are interested in any of the above opportunities please send an email with an introductory message detailing how you would like to help, be it volunteering, offering your services or would like to raise funds.

For volunteering opportunities please email [email protected]. with:

  1. Your CV/ Resume.
  2. One page essay of intent (optional but appreciated).
  3. A list of 3 references and their contact information (including email if available).

For fundraising or professional services  please email [email protected] with: 

  1. Your name
  2. Your area of interest and how you feel like you can help.
  3. A link to your organisations’ website.
  4. Any information that you need from us.