Health & Hygiene

The health & hygiene program was conceptualized to address the issue of drop-outs of girls from school due to lack of quality healthcare services. Initially to inculcate the basic health & hygiene practices in girls from primary classes, practice sessions for brushing teeth, cleaning, and bathing were undertaken on daily bases, which is now a continued practice. Eventually, more program elements were added that include overall well-being, vaccinations, basic hygiene practices, menstrual hygiene, and the socio-emotional needs of the girls.

This program is delivered free of cost through Prana Health Center with a nurse and 24*7 doctor availability, health examination rooms, a pharmacy, and space to conduct health education classes for our school girls as well as the community members.

Furthermore, the Prana Health Center provides accessible and affordable healthcare services to community members. Outreach to the community is done through Self- Help Groups (SHGs) and Community Health Education Initiative Program (CHEI). Continuous awareness sessions are done with the community around various diseases, their precautions, harms, etc. for making the community a healthier and happier place to live in. With the motto that prevention is better than cure, different vaccination and awareness drives are organized.

A fully-equipped medical mobile van unit serves as a stepping-stone between the clinic and the community, providing medical facilities to community members at their doorsteps. This van operates with a doctor, nurse, pharmacy, testing facility, and lab technician for easy access to healthcare for those belonging to underprivileged families unable to access/afford healthcare facilities.