PPES is a transformative learning organization that aims to empower socially and economically underprivileged rural girls by providing them with quality education and making them self-reliant. Pardada Pardadi Educational Society have day-boarding schools affiliated with the UP (Uttar Pradesh) Board. The school situated in Anupshahr is for KG to 12th grade and the second school located in Bichola is for KG to 5th grade. The fundamental criteria for school admission include girls coming from marginalized, underprivileged, and below-poverty-line families, who neither can afford education nor have access to quality education. The schools follow an incentive-based approach comprising a free educational package supplemented with thrice-daily nutritious meals, and safe transportation facilities to and from the school in order to assure parents of their daughters’ safety. A daily scholarship of INR 10 is transferred to each girl’s account from class 6th onwards and INR 15 for 9th onwards till the completion of the 12th class for each day of attendance to ensure regularity and reduce drop-out.                      

Education Transformation Program

This is a program where girls are encouraged to dream big and be at par with those girls who are able to afford good education and aspire to be in a good and elite institution. This program aims to develop better comprehension and applicability of the subjects among the girls to build their capabilities to be critical, resilient and, most importantly, solution-oriented so that they become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow.

PPES schools focus on improving the overall scholastic experience of the students with a curriculum that involves core academics as well as personality development, STEM, Sports, and Aspirational Learning Clubs (ALCs) where the girls not only receive quality education but also work on their holistic development.

ALCs (Aspirational Learning Clubs) and Personality Development classes are curated in a format where the girls are supported specifically as per their passions, career choices, and interests. We believe these things are an important part of our education system so various modules are developed for our girls, making them aware of and opportunities to learn about topics like Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Art, Theatre, Public Speaking, Health & Hygiene, etc.

Elements of Education Transformation

Higher Education

This program focuses on providing higher education support to the 12th pass-outs to pursue degree/diploma and professional courses from reputed institutes that can ultimately provide them with better career growth and placement opportunities. There are more than 201+ girls studying in universities/colleges and 162+ girls are currently working across various occupational sectors. Through mentorship programs and counseling sessions, we start preparing our girls from an early age so that they can choose the career stream of their interest and pursue the career of their choice. The classes are focused on developing their confidence, knowledge, and communication skills so that they are prepared for pursuing higher studies and are at par with their classmates from other parts of the country.

Handholding support is provided from the start of admission to the final placement of these girls, including their higher education admission, travel, tuition, and hostel fees. Regular counseling and mentoring are provided to enable the girls to become more independent and to build their careers. The scholarship amount collected on account of attendance while they were in school is provided to them to cater to the out-of-pocket expenses, stationery, etc. The girls are also prepared for various state, national, and international scholarship programs.

Before PPES school graduates join their respective courses, training sessions are held to polish their communication and interactive skills to, prepare them for a life outside their villages. Later on, mentors are provided for these girls for professional guidance.