Girls at Basketball Tournaments

In recent months, our girls showcased their talent and passion in several significant events, underscoring the transformative impact of sports in their lives. In April, eleven enthusiastic girls participated in a basketball exposure trip to Mussoorie, engaging in a friendly match at Woodstock School and Wynberg-Allen School. This experience not only enhanced their skills but also broadened their horizons, playing on wooden courts for the first time and interacting with peers from other prestigious schools.

Reflecting on the trip, Kanak from Class 8 shared, “I attended the basketball match at Woodstock School. It was an amazing experience for me. I played on the wooden court for the first time and it was very exciting.

From April 16th to 20th, our girls competed at the UP-State Junior Basketball Championship, displaying determination and passion as they faced seasoned teams and earned recognition for their performance. Fiza from Class 9 remarked, “I had an awesome time at the basketball match at Woodstock School.

In June, eight outstanding girls represented Bulandshahr at the Sub-Junior U.P. State Basketball Championship in Meerut, securing the runner-up position and the silver medal in the U-14 Basketball Championship. This achievement brought pride to PPES and highlighted the girls’ potential for a promising future in sports.


As our students continue to excel in basketball, they inspire others and break barriers. Through sports, they build a foundation for personal growth and create pathways to greater opportunities. 

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