Kerrigan Fitzpatrick

By:- Kerrigan Fitzpatrick

I am truly grateful for my experience at Pardada Pardadi Educational Society. As my second internship ever and first in an office setting, I learned a great amount. Grants and other ways of fundraising were never familiar to me before joining this project. But, during my time here, I was introduced to many different concepts (registering for accreditation, updating social media, fundraising and revising documents) that are used in maintaining an NGO. My acquired knowledge and skills from my experience will be carried with me throughout my lifetime.


Like skills and knowledge, relationships were also developed. I know that the relations I built with others in the office will last well beyond my physical time here. Because of social media, I will be able to keep in contact with the amazing people whom I work alongside, and have been lucky enough to get to know. Each one of us brought something very unique to our office and contributed in our own special ways, volunteers and employees alike. From diverse viewpoints and backgrounds shared with me, my own horizons were broadened.


Pardada Pardadi Educational Society challenged me and changed me in so many positive ways. Although I confronted situations in which my work was unfamiliar and I had no experience, I felt that I was guided and supported in ways that allowed me to complete my projects successfully. Also, I worked with people from various places which contributed to some of my understanding of the world. From here, I plan to have more similar internships and eventually professional jobs. I strongly believe that Pardada Pardadi has aided in developing many great qualities within me that will prepare me to both pursue these plans and succeed in them.


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