Future Mothers

By:- S. Deenadayalan, Vice Chairman, CEO-Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Future Mothers- “If educated [not about academic stamping], India will be an economic superpower”- Sam Singh. If only each one of us can visit Pardada Pardadi Educational Society in Anupshahr, and understand what poverty is, why educating girls is a challenge and if some families do overcome and send girls to school, how the community boycotts. While most households do not have electricity, amidst all these challenges girls and women are still receiving education and becoming empowered all thanks to Pardada Pardadi.

After 19 years, one can look back with satisfaction at the amazing work that has taken place at Pardada Pardadi. In total there are around 1500 girls studying there. Those that are in higher vocational courses migrate outside the village and to attend university or take up employment in cities such as Bangalore (thanks to partner organization NTTF) and other companies, such as HCL.

During this trip I met Shivani (center photo), who spoke with a US accent. Although she comes from an impoverished background, you would never know. She received her 12th grade qualification at Pardada Pardadi and became empowered to follow her dreams. Today she is in the US doing Computer Education through the Community College Integration Program (CCIP) in US for rural youths of India.

Can we focus on “Responsible Freedom” and see kids flourish? Irrespective of whether kids are born poor or rich? Shivani is an example of this and now flies to India on her own money, does part time work and maybe one day, will start a career in the US.

Only two girls from rural schools of Uttar Pradesh were selected for the CCIP program and both were from Pardada Pardadi. Sam Singh and Renuka Gupta have worked for two decades with patience and perseverance on girl and women empowerment. As of today around 1500 girls are studying and this figure is likely to double in the future. Leslie Siron (right photo) is a volunteer from the US and is gango about Pardada Pardadi.

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