Mr Deendayalan

By:- Friend of Pardada Pardadi Educational Society Date: 11.02.19


Here we are staying in Bichola village in Anupshahr, district Bulandshahr, UP with Virender Singh (Sam). We were invited to experience and observe the unique work he has done during the past 20 years towards the educational, economic and social empowerment of girls and women in Anupshahr. He is a young man of 80 who was well settled in US and now runs a senior secondary school with 1500 students, known by the name Pardada Pardadi and teaches only poorest remote village girls. He provides them free meals, uniforms, cash incentive, bus transport, cycles, advance studies facility, vocational training and jobs. He says by teaching a girl a future family is completely transformed and made self-sufficient.


We also visited one of the remotest villages and interacted with women to get feeling about the women upliftment programmes run by him. It was a great experience for us to get exposure of such unique programmes run by some individual at the age of 80 who is still full of many more dreams.

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